Perpetual Inventory

A solution for the site that cannot afford to stand still.

Perpetual Inventory

When a wall-to-wall stocktake is not practical, an ongoing PI strategy is an alternative that can work well. This service is a good fit for busy distribution centres and warehouses that are always active.

The Perpetual Inventory Service

The PI service is organised around the operation of the site it's being provided to. The concept is straightforward, which is to perform regular counts and stock updates to the site's system by counting a section at a time. Normally, all stock is ultimately counted annually, or more frequenty.

Benefits of the Service

  • A light-touch service that works around a working environment.
  • Shrinkage results updated regularly.
  • Activity can be targeted according to stock-related priorities.
Full Wall to Wall Counts

A regular stocktake of all stores is essential. Looking beyond the primary purpose, working the count data to deliver more is where Orridge can help. When considering on-shelf availability improvements and reporting that increases sales, many clients see the service as self-funding. 

Core Line Audits

By supplementing a wall-to-wall stocktake strategy with more frequent counts of your core product ranges, both shrinkage and sales improvements can be accelerated.

On-Shelf Availability

As a retailer you may have an excellent range of products at the right price and a loyal customer base only too willing to purchase them. Your supply chain appears efficient and the right stock is being despatched to your stores.


Orridge is firmly established as a leading stocktaking service provider on a pan-European basis