Warehouse & Distribution

Scaling up the stocktake process, recognising what's different.

Warehouse & Distribution

Orridge understands that warehousing and distribution centres are a different proposition to counting in stores, which is why we provide specialist teams to facilitate timely and complete audits; be it a full warehouse count or perpetual inventory counting.

The use of the latest Wireless LAN technology provides Orridge with a competitive edge by empowering the user to achieve the efficiency and accuracy required for counting these vast areas.

Not only will a full stocktake provide you with an accurate stock position file showing the quantities and locations, It will also highlight areas for improvement and assist your business in optimising service levels to retail outlets / end users.

Our stock takes are not just efficient, they are available 24/7. We aim to cause the least disruption to your operation.

Engaging your site management and working collaboratively is essential and our experienced operations management will speak their language, from putting their operation first to understanding H&S implications.

Pick Accuracy

'Customer Availability', 'Sales', 'Shrinkage'. At Orridge, we know that these performance measures matter to you. We offer cost-effective solutions which will support you in improving these performance measures across your entire business. 

Load Adherence

The final hurdle in the logistics operation can often have the most impact. Loading a vehicle for despatch is straightforward, but mistakes can impact store shrinkage and stock availability.

Good Faith Receiving

Good Faith Receiving (GFR) is an audit process which is helping to challenge the convention of retail supply chain management.

Origin Checks

Orridge believes that to provide a full service to our customers, we need to start at the beginning. Our origin checks do precisely that.

Direct Store Deliveries

Orridge offers a service whereby these supplier-to-store deliveries can be audited on a routine basis. Introduce this, eliminate the delivery checking in-store and instead accept them on a 'good faith' basis.


Orridge is firmly established as a leading stocktaking service provider on a pan-European basis